A New Way to Buy a car





This new guide book is packed with dozens of tips, strategies, and insights based on years of working in the car business. You will learn the answers to these very important questions:

  1. What fees must I pay?

  2. Should I lease or buy?

  3. Should I buy New or Used?

  4. Can I cancel a car deal if I change my mind and how?

  5. What is included on the Purchase Agreement?

  6. When is the best time to buy a car?

  7. How can I negotiate the best price?

  8. Should I use my Line-of-Credit to buy a car?

  9. Should I trade-in my vehicle or sell it privately?

  10. Should I get rustproofing on my new or used car?

  11. Should I purchase extended warranty protection?

These are just a few of the many important questions that this new guide will answer for you.


In this fact-filled book based on my years of experience working in the car business, you’ll discover how to avoid the pitfalls that trip up novice and experienced buyers alike.  In this guide, you will discover:

  1. Four Steps to a Hassle-Free Car Purchase

  2. Six Costly Misconceptions About Buying a Car

  3. Four Car Sales Rip-Offs to Avoid

  4. Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Visiting a Dealership

After a few years in the car business, I realized that knowledgeable and informed buyers are the easiest to work with and are more willing to get right to the point and appreciate a relationship that is based on mutual trust and respect.  So, I wrote this guide to help you better understand car buying.  Now, with this information and a set of solid strategies to employ, you can make an informed, intelligent decision and avoid the most common pitfalls.

A New Way to Buy  a Car


(How to Put Yourself in the “Driver’s Seat” by Navigating the Process Like a Pro)



Consumer Awareness Guide

“A New Way to Buy a Car”

How to Put Yourself in the “Driver’s Seat” by Navigating the Process Like a Pro